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Embodying the very essence of motorsport, our MINI John Cooper Works models boast a distinctive, yet muscular sophistication that makes heads turn and mouths drop. They are the reincarnation of John Cooper’s winning rally legends. These peerless, standalone powerhouses are packed full of impressive features – and are built to knock your socks off.
Side view of MINI John Cooper Works

    THE ULTIMATE UPGRADE. Stand out from the crowd with exclusive upgrades; MINI John Cooper Works aerodynamic kit, larger air intakes plus an additional cooler to keep your engine and brakes at the ideal temperature.
    PERFORMANCE EXCELLENCE. Enjoy tight control, total stability and perfect precision while you're making the most of that unique John Cooper Works drive. The new MINI Clubman John Cooper Works 306 HP delivers 0 - 62 mph in just 4.9 seconds.
    SPORT MODE AS STANDARD. Sharpening the steering and acceleration for sportier, more agile handling. And the sound alone is enough to make you remember why you love driving.
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    2 MINI John Cooper Works at race track garage
    2.0 LITRE, TWINPOWER TURBO 4-CYLINDER ENGINE. With output bumped up to a whopping 306 HP, an awe-inspiring 450 Nm of torque and a top speed of 250 km/h – these powerhouses have the extra oomph under the hood to see you through to every finish line. Leveraging our racing expertise, these unruly turbochargers are tuned to give you the potent performance, and fuel efficiency you’re looking for.
    MINI John Cooper Works exhaust tips
    NEW BIGGER SPORTS TAILPIPES. Savour the intense pleasure. The low-frequency growl emitted by the new 95 mm twin-pipe sports exhaust system of the MINI JCW Clubman and MINI JCW Countryman is extremely satisfying. 10 mm wider than before, it doesn’t just look the part – it sounds meaner than ever, too. Once you’ve dialled up the volume, amped up the adrenaline and experienced the pulse-pumping power, you’ll be speechless.
    MINI John Cooper Works at race track crossing the finish line
    ALL4 ALL-WHEEL DRIVE. Watch your pupils dilate as you see you have it all. And take it. All-weather capability. All-terrain agility. No matter what conditions you face, the JCW ALL4 all-wheel drive provides the traction to maintain unbridled responsiveness – with added grip, stability and control provided by the mechanical front differential lock. This helps you maintain your focus, enjoy total peace of mind – and ensures every journey is as great as the destination.
    MINI John Cooper Works racing
    SPORT SUSPENSION. Handling is the heart of performance. And how well your vehicle handles is directly influenced by its suspension. Developed and tested on racetracks like the Nürburgring Nordschleife, our John Cooper Works sport suspension is 10 mm lower than standard – for an even more authentic race feeling. It offers you a remarkably dynamic driving experience and impressive stability – all providing optimum ride quality.
    Close up of MINI John Cooper Works front wheel
    BRAKES AND WHEELS. John Cooper Works is about extreme driving at the highest level of precision. We designed the 4-piston, fixed-caliper JCW 18” brakes to specifically match the performance of JCW 18” and 19” light alloy wheels. They give you all the stopping power you need for tight turns and fast changes of pace. Resplendent in bold Chili Red and bearing the JCW badge, they naturally look the business, too.
    Low front shot of MINI John Cooper Works
    AERODYNAMIC FRONT BUMPER. Breathing is key to performance. Which is why we’ve furnished the MINI John Cooper Works front bumper with a new front splitter and larger air intakes – plus an additional cooler – to keep your engine and brakes at the ideal temperature for high performance and durability.
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    The Lineup Explore the full JCW Lineup across MINI models.

    MINI JCW 3-Door Hatch 231 HP
    Top Speed: 246km/h
    Fuel Consumption: 6.2-6.0L/100km
    MINI JCW Convertible 231 HP
    Top Speed: 241km/h
    Fuel Consumption: 6.4-6.2L/100km
    MINI JCW Clubman 306 HP
    Top Speed: 250km/h
    Fuel Consumption: 7.0-6.6L/100km
    MINI JCW Countryman 306 HP
    Top Speed: 250 km/h
    Fuel Consumption: 7.0 - 6.6L/100km